Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ElishaCoy Aloe and Lavender Sheet Mask

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I've always heard good things about sheet masks and haven't ever had the chance to try one myself, so I was SO STOKED that I got one in my last haul as a free gift!

Product Info
▲ Brand: ElishaCoy
▲ Product Type/ Color: Aloe and Lavender Sheet Mask
▲ Price: $3.84 for 3 ($1.28 each) on RoseRoseShop.com (They also offer $20.64 for 30, which equates out to $0.69 per mask.)
The directions on the mask are easy to follow, just take out the mask and put it on for 10-15 minutes, then take it off and pat your face so you can absorb the remaining essence. (Make sure you use it after cleaning and putting on your toner, of course! ;) ) The Aloe and Lavender mask in particular is supposed to be great at providing moisture, along with helping soothe it give a fresh feeling after.
Not really much to see looking in, but the entire packet was full of essence! I definitely felt like the essence was substantially soaked in the mask. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the mask on its own, but I DID get one with me wearing the mask!
Beautiful, I know.

As far as the fit of the mask goes, it kind of REALLY sucked for me. You can tell in the picture that the connecting part from the nose to the cheek tore, and honestly it didn't take much. I feel like the nose part of the mask was crafted for people with more flat noses, not pointy ones like mine. The forehead stayed nicely, but the chin portion gave me a ton of trouble along with the sides next to my eyes - they just wouldn't stay flat and I was constantly pressing them back down.

I didn't take any before and after pics of my skin because there wasn't much to show for, but I have to say my skin definitely felt fresh and soothed! It look a little bit for the remaining essence to dry - maybe around 10 minutes or so.

Final Thoughts
This sheet mask was great! While the fit wasn't perfect, I loved the fresh and relaxed feeling it gave me after wearing it. This would be such a nice mask to put in the fridge and put on at the end of a hot summer day, and might help soothe skin exposed to the sun all day too! I will probably buy this again as summer goes on, but I probably won't be using it more than once a week just because my oily skin doesn't need to be moisturized so often. ;)

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Nose Pack

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In part of an earlier haul, my Reddit friend Mia gifted me a nose pack that I had wanted! (Thanks again Mia, you rock!) I haven't ever tried a nose pack or any sort of nose strips before, and I had high hopes for this one!

Product Info
▲ Brand: The Face Shop
▲ Product Name/ Scent: Volcanic Clay Nose Pack
▲ Price: Currently $6.30 USD on amazon plus $1.80 shipping, or  $5.79 USD on BeautynetKorea with free shipping.
Having never used nose strips before, I was pretty excited to try one out in a liquid form that dries! The actual liquid is extremely thick and sticky, very much like the consistency of tacky glue. (It smells pretty similar to it, too, which I definitely DIDN'T like. :/)
Excuse my crappy nails, yuck. You can see just how sticky it is in this picture, it was SO HARD to get off my fingers before it dried! It's easy to spread along your nose and get into the creases, it just sucks to wash it off of your fingers, haha. As far as drying goes, it didn't take too long for me - about 20 minutes tops before it was ready I think. Unfortunately I couldn't get any good before and after pics of my pores because honestly the close ups looked pretty much the same, BUT I did take a picture of the pore strip! I personally couldn't see a difference on my face at all, but check out the zoomed in photos of the strip. (I also color corrected them to make the particles show up easier, sorry if it's gross!)
It looks like the strip did a pretty good job at grabbing some stuff and managing to take it out, which is great! However, it looks like I mostly have sebaceous filaments as opposed to blackheads. Because of that, I probably won't use the nose pack again just because it's harmful to constantly excise the sebaceous filaments from your cheeks and nose! It can lead to the pores actually becoming permanently enlarged, and the pores end up getting filled up again anyway.

Final Thoughts
The nose pack does exactly what it's supposed to do, so if you're into getting all the stuff out of your pores, go for it! It's easy to use, dries easy, and doesn't hurt when you take it off. I don't really like the "tacky glue" scent it has, but it's easy to put off if you're into the payoff of the product. I personally will probably not be using it again so I don't damage my pores or enlarge them, so I might end up giving this to my boyfriend, who has more blackheads than I do. :P

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hauls from CosmeticMarket (eopenmarket) and BeautynetKorea (f2plus1)! I won the sample lottery!

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I've REALLY been lagging on posting my hauls, I got three hauls in the past two days! I'll post the two I got earlier in the week first and save the last for another day. :) The first set I got were two hauls, the one on the left is from CosmeticMarket (eopenmarket.com), and the one on the right is from BeautynetKorea (f2plus1.com). Let's start with BeautynetKorea!

Package Info
▲ Shop: BeautynetKorea (f2plus1.com)
▲ Ordered On: July 13th, 2013
▲ Shipped On: July 15th, 2013
▲ Received On: July 23rd, 2013 (Would have been the 22nd, but no one was home to sign for it. So I won't count that extra day, which would make it 8 days total!)
I was pretty impressed with the fast shipping, which was great! I noticed that unlike RoseRoseShop, BeautynetKorea doesn't bubble wrap everything, but instead only wraps a select few items, which makes sense. Everything was really packed in, which definitely didn't allow for any wiggle room which could lead to damage, but at the same time because certain products weren't bubble wrapped and were right up against the box it left the possibility of something getting ruined from the tousling the box goes through during shipping.

Also, I was REALLY disappointed that they didn't include any samples whatsoever, even though their website says they do. Just for that reason, I might not shop from them again unless they have something I really want that no one else has. I'm not a fan of false advertising, and I don't really condone things like that. 

Before we go onto what I got in the haul, let's check out CosmeticMarket!

Package Info
▲ Shop: CosmeticMarket (eopenmarket.com)
▲ Ordered On: July 10th, 2013
▲ Shipped On: July 11th, 2013
▲ Received On: July 23rd, 2013 (Would have been the 22nd, but no one was home to sign for it. So I won't count that extra day, which would make it 11 days total.)
When I first opened the box, I was worried that maybe I had gotten someone else's order!! I knew I didn't order a sheet mask and one of those cute fringe holders, so I was so worried at first! The GREAT news is, CosmeticMarket completely made up for the loss of samples in the other order. They included the mask and the fringe bow as "free gifts" along with a PILE of samples!!
It was literally a pile!

Here's how it was packaged under all the free goodies. Everything was REALLY bubble wrapped together, and even though there was some wiggle room I was fine with it because of the insane bubble wrap cushions. Honestly, I was REALLY impressed with the packaging and how neatly the samples were put into the box!
Here's all the freebies I got from CosmeticMarket. Again, I really like how they made an effort to include a variety of things, and also include enough of it to really get a feel for the product! Also, these freebies are pretty awesome. (I LOVE the fringe bow and it does a great job at holding my bangs back while I apply makeup or skincare!)

Aaand now, since you guys have probably been waiting, here's what I got in my hauls!
I got mostly stuff for me, but also a couple of gifts since my sister's birthday is coming up! I got Etude House AC Clinic Daily Sun BB, Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser, Skin Food Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB, Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher in Apricot Pudding, Tonymoly Cat's Wink Clear Pact (as a gift for my sister) two Tonymoly Petit Bunny Gloss Bars in Strawberry (one for my sister) and one in Orange, two Tonymoly Cat's Wink Mascara (again, one for my sister, haha), Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner in Marine Blue, and Etude House Bling in the Sea Bling Eye Stick in PK001 (purple). 

I am SO excited to use all of these products! I've been using a couple of them a little bit, and I have to say I REALLY lucked out in this haul - it's full of winners!! More in depth reviews will be coming soon, I simply HAVE to share what great things are in here! Until then!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tryin' to Play Catch Up! (Plus a Bonus Look!)

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Hey all! I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging and updating lately! I've been really trying to keep on top of school work, and I just quit a job that was making me MISERABLE yesterday! (Woo hoo!) My life has been kind of hectic, but hopefully in the next couple of days I can just grab my laptop, put on a pair of sunglasses, and sit outside in the beautiful weather San Diego has been having and crank out a bunch of reviews!

Here are some upcoming reviews and content you guys can look forward to:
▲ Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream (In the middle of using it for a week to get a good idea of how it works!)
▲ The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Nose Pack
▲ Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream
▲ Holika Holika Water March Moisture Green Full Cream
▲ Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Primer
▲ Etude House Sleeping Pack Pore & Sebum Control
▲ Etude House Baby Choux Base in Berry
▲ Etude House Minime By My Princess Perfume Mist #01 Ms Jealous
▲ NYX Wonder Pencil in Light
▲ MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick
▲ Coastal Scents Custom Palette
▲ TWO Hauls from Korea!
▲ ....And TONS more!

Until then, I figured I'd sate your appetite for some cool content with a look I did for a contest on Reddit! Someone in the sub I frequent hosted an "Evil Character" contest - basically we had to do a look heavily inspired by an evil character from a book, movie, comic, etc.

I decided that instead of going for someone outright evil, I wanted to do a character that creeped me the HELL out when I saw the movie, so I did a Black Swan look! (Which I know is REALLY done A LOT, but I've never done it before, and figured I might as well try for the contest!) Here's how it turned out!
▲ ▲ ▲ 

Altogether, not too shabby for my first try at Black Swan makeup! I didn't manage to get any frontal shots before my camera died (waaaah), I spent too long trying to get the perfect pose I guess, haha! Unfortunately, I also achieved the white look on my skin with a product that I really didn't think would be too pale for me (Really, it's FAR too pale!), buuut you'll just have to look out for my future reviews to see which one it is! ;)

Until next time guys! Xoxo

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack in Canola

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Can I take this moment to say how much I love getting samples with my Korean cosmetics? And how freaking smart it is? I loooove getting samples, I make it a a point to use all the samples I get, and a lot of the time I LOVE the sample so much that I end up buying it (talk about a good marketing strategy). That's definitely what happened with the Honey Sleeping Pack! It was one of the first samples I got, I fell in love with it, and I just HAD to have it!

Product Info
▲ Brand: Holika Holika
▲ Product Name/ Scent: Honey Sleeping Pack in Canola
▲ Price: $9.25 USD on Korea Depart plus ??? shipping (shipping varies based on total package weight) or  $15.25 USD on BeautynetKorea with free shipping.

I'm a BIG believer in sleeping packs. I see them as a way to give my face a treat after a day of hard work holding up makeup, haha. Holika Holika claims that this sleeping pack is good for "transparent skin" in the morning, brightening, and deep moisture, so I figured I'd try it out for a week to see if there was any sort of difference.

The pack has a very "gel" like texture, but it's a bit thinner and runnier than a hair gel is. (It's easy to spread.) I love the fragrance - it's light enough to be pleasant and fades away pretty soon after applying it. The scent has somewhat of a fresh, powdery quality to it as opposed to perfumey. And how awesome is it that they pretty much fill it to the brim?
As mentioned earlier, it's really easy to spread, and a little bit goes a long way - I hardly have to use any to get a good layer on my face. It does take a little bit of time to absorb, but I expected that since it's a sleeping pack. I didn't find the consistency to be sticky at all, it was very smooth and reminded me a bit of a watery lotion, just clear, haha.

As far as the actual benefits go, I have to say I was SO impressed. Just like when I tried the sample, the next morning after I first put it on my face was so much less oily than normal! It's like my skin wasn't thirsty anymore, so it didn't need to produce the excess oil. Also, my face was so incredibly soft. As time went on, I noticed that I've been breaking out a lot less, but I also think this in in part to my re-vamped skincare routine as well. I didn't really notice my skin getting less and less oily as time went by, but that's not really the point of this sleeping pack, so I guess I can't be upset over it.

Final Thoughts
This is truly one of my favorite products I've tried so far! It seems like it'll work great for all skin types, and is a wonderful moisturizer! It makes my face look so bright and fresh when I wake up in the morning, and helps give a great starting point for my makeup the next day. The next sleeping packs I try are really going to have a run for their money, because this one was absolutely perfect for me!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Neon Orange & Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in Peach Vanilla

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I keep getting such wonderful gifts from my Reddit friends! A couple of days ago, I got a Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Neon Orange and a Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in Peach Vanilla, both by Tonymoly! Thank you again Retinacake for the lipstick, and the gifter of the Bunny Gloss is a mystery gifter, hopefully I'll find out who it was soon so I can thank them properly!! 
 Product Info
▲ Brand: Tonymoly
▲ Product Name/ Color: Bunny Gloss Bar in Neon Orange
▲ Price: $3.92 USD on RoseRoseShop plus $4.23 shipping, $5.74 USD on BeautynetKorea with free shipping.
Product Info
▲ Brand: Tonymoly
▲ Product Name/ Color: Cat Chu Wink Lipstick in Peach Vanilla
▲ Price: $7.69 on BeautynetKorea with free shipping, $5.62 on KoreaDepart plus ??? shipping (shipping varies depending on overall package weight).

First of all, these things are SO FREAKING CUTE. As a kid I grew up using Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Chococat... Basically I was obsessed with Sanrio. Thank GOODNESS I came across this tuff to sate my kawaii appetite! Both tubes are so easy to twist to get the product out as well, however the Bunny Gloss's product sticks up once you twist it out, so I have to gingerly press it back into the tube after I've used it.
Neither of these are very pigmented, which is nice because I can layer them on for more color, or just have one layer for more of a subtle look! Both really glide on and are easy to use, and the Bunny Gloss is scented! It's not very strong, and is scented like orange candy, very similar to what orange Sweet Tarts smell like.  Both are also pretty moist, and I don't foresee any sort of lip drying issues.
Bare lips on the left, Bunny Gloss lips on the right

My lips are kind of dry, so I'm so sorry about the chappiness and lip residue (ew!) on my lips. I looove how the bunny gloss just adds a little tint to my lips! I think the pink in my lips is really brought out and magnified by the orange in the gloss, and it's a great natural color for summer!
Bare lips on the left, Cat Chu Lipstick on the right

The Cat Chu Lipstick is very similar to the Bunny Gloss in terms of just highlighting the natural color in my lips, except with more of a lighter pink tone as opposed or orange. I also love how it adds some pearl shine to my lips as well! I was so afraid this would end up being too pigmented and pink for me, but it's also proving itself to be a great day to day lipstick.

Final Thoughts
Altogether I'm a fan of both of these lip products! Adorable packaging, neither is drying or icky, and both are natural enough to wear every day! I absolutely recommend both of these, and I can't wait to see what else Tonymoly has in store for me!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

D'oh! Just Fixed my Comments!

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I feel so silly right now! I got an email from one of my favorite bloggers, Bethany from Beauty Junkie on a Budget, letting me know that with the way the captcha was situated, it completely hid the submit button!

I'm so sorry everyone! When I was logged in and previewed everything, I couldn't see the problem, but I've fixed it! I opted to remove the captcha and will be manually moderating all the comments that go through instead. I tested it out myself (AFTER logging out, of course ;) ) and it was able to work!

Again, I'm so sorry if you weren't able to contact me or leave a comment because of the silly layout, but I've fixed it! If for any reason any of you are still having problems, please feel free to email me at fauunzie@gmail.com, which I also just linked to my smartphone. (That way I'll get notified right away!)

Hopefully my template will behave better now... Stay tuned for my review on the Peach Sake BB cream later today! I'm giving it a near full-day's test run to see how it holds up, but so far it's realllly doing well! Til later!


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