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Skin Food Honey Pot lip balm in Honey

Posted by Sophia E. at 5:39 PM
I decided to try and review this little guy immediately, since it isn't a "change my skin over time" kind of deal. I was really excited about ordering this thing online, since it looked so cute and had great reviews!

Product Info
▲ Brand: Skin Food
▲ Product Name/ Color: Honey Pot lip balm in Honey
▲ Price: $7.61 USD from Korea Depart

When I first opened this up, I was extremely surprised - IT'S TINY! I guess it's my own fault for not fully looking into what size it was, but I was really disappointed that I paid almost $8 for something this small, and every website I went to made it look bigger. That being said, the packaging is still really cute, and I'm really digging the little applicator.
(Don't worry about that flaw, that was from me! Hahaha.)

The balm itself has a very jelly-like quality to it. It's definitely way more thick than gel, and it's the type of stuff that if you held the pot upside down, it wouldn't come running or falling out. It's also EXTREMELY fragrant. I'm honestly not too sure whether I completely love it or not. It's not sweet smelling like honey, it actually has more of a grape or cherry smell - very fruity. It actually reminds me a lot of Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance, which is far from one of my favorite scents.

There's not too much to show for swatch-wise. The balm (if you could even call it that, it's more like a gloss to me!) is very thick so a little goes a long way, and it's very lightly gold/ yellow pigmented. One thing I love is that it's not sticky, it's definitely more smooth. (Which may be why they erred on the side of "balm" rather than "gloss.")
Bare lips on left, lips with Honey lip balm on right

As far as how it looks, it makes my lips nice and glossy and is pretty cute. After wearing it for a couple hours now I can also say that it's pretty moisturizing as well!

Final Thoughts
Altogether I do like the lip balm, as it moisturizes pretty well, looks cute, and is packaged adorably, but I am honestly not very likely to repurchase it. It was way too expensive for what it is, and after wearing it for so long, the fragrance is starting to get to me. (I'm getting a headache as we speak! :( ) I'd recommend it for short-term wearing and for those who don't mind strongly scented lip products.


Sample Hime said...

Hihi, I just found your review through Reddit Asian Beauty (never been on there until today actually!). It's too bad this is so small...I kinda wanted to try it too. The little spool is cute though lol.

Just so you know, I have a giveaway ending tonight at midnight so be sure to enter if you're interested :)


Sophia Ethridge said...

Hi Sample Hime! I love that subreddit! It's great and full of such great information and people. I know! I was so disappointed! If you find it for a cheaper price, I would say get it, but it's not worth it for what I paid, haha.

Thank you so much for the info! I followed you on Bloglovin and I'll be entering! Best wishes!


Ari said...

I love the packaging! I'm just afraid I'll end up losing the applicator after a while, haha.

Sophia Ethridge said...

Hi Ari!

I was too, haha! I actually ended up leaving the plastic ring around it that holds the spool, that way it's always there when I need it, haha!

beautifuldokidoki said...

OMG every single time I visit the Skinfood store here in LA these are ALWAYS sold out and it makes me very sad (´∩`。) I am such a sucker for cute packaging and these are so cute! lol The Face Shop also has a similar lip balm, but the little spool is stored in the top of the container! I'd like to get both to see how they compare :)

Sophia Ethridge said...

Hiya Doki!

Where exactly is the Skin Food in LA?! My aunt lives up there and I need to go to it soooooon!!!! I kind of like the way the other packaging sounds... Sounds easier, haha. If you do get both, I'd love to see a comparison post on your blog! :D

beautifuldokidoki said...

The Skinfood store is in Glendale at the Glendale Galleria mall! It's soo amazing I'm always stuck in there for like an hour when I go trying out all the testers and the workers always look at me like I'm some weirdo -____- haha but it's worth it. You should go!

Sophia Ethridge said...

Ooo, I need to check that out!! Maybe I'll go up there in a week or two - lord knows I HATE paying shipping, haha! Thank you so much!

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